PURLS: Converting your Marketing Data into Action


While our personal lives are rapidly evolving, our professional lives are changing even faster. How do you generate personalized offers that are relevant to your clients or prospects? How do you track your direct mail results and gain additional insight into your prospects interests without breaking your marketing budget?  PURLS… Personalized URLS !



How does it work?

It all starts with your customer or marketing data! Our data experts clean and format your data so it can be analyzed and formatted for your PURL campaign. If you need a prospect list or need to have your data modeled we have experts available to work with you through this process.    

Once the data has been cleansed we review your data and formulate a marketing strategy based on your data. We then marry your data to your direct mail piece; postcard, brochure, poster. All of the direct mail pieces are personalized with offers based on your marketing data. Each direct mail piece is designed to drive your targeted customer to visit a customized web site.

When the targeted recipient visits his/her personalized web site or PURL, we begin to collect the following key information and behavior about each user’s visit.

  • Did the prospect sign-up for the offer? Did the prospect abandon the offer? What stage of the process did the abandonment take place on the web site offer?   
  • Was the prospect contact information updated?
  • What product or survey information was completed?
  • What was the response rate?
  • And more

Our software will track and compile all of your campaign results. Clients have access to their results through an online campaign manager. The campaign manager is available 24 /7 though a secure login page on the internet.

If you are looking to increase your response rates and finally validate your ROI being spent on your direct mail, please contact us to learn more. 

Challenge us with your next PURL Campaign.




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