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Most companies say, “We put the customer first.” At PrintManagement we say that too – and then go on to prove it on a daily basis. For most decision-makers, the purchase of any kind of product or service means justifying the cost of that purchase. Our goal is to provide results that clearly proves your right when you choose PrintManagement. Consider some of these examples:

Reduced Cost and Increased Sales – A well-known manufacturer headquartered in the Midwest does business through a worldwide network of distributors. PrintManagement developed a process to print and produce sales kits customized to the needs of individual distributors, cutting costs by 40% and increasing the time the company’s sales representatives have to find and develop new business.

Reduced Mailing Costs and Increased Accuracy – A large bank headquartered in the Midwest is required by law to notify some or all of its thousands of customers when certain business changes occur. PrintManagement uses database technology to quickly determine which customers get which mailings, and then to check all customer addresses against a US Postal Service database to ensure accuracy and reduce undeliverable notices.

Increased Retail Promotions Success – A large retailer regularly runs special promotions to increase business with existing customers and draw new customers to its outlets. PrintManagement created an eye-catching newsletter template that can be easily updated, digitally printed, and sent to each retail outlet well in advance of major promotions.

Challenge us to do the same for your organization.


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